Precast Concrete


Feed Bunks

  • Standard J-Bunk
  • Low Bottom J-Bunk
  • Short J-Bunk
  • Straight Back J-Bunk
  • High Back J-Bunk
  • H-Bunks
  • Narrow H-Bunks
  • Wide H-Bunks 
  • U-Style Bunks

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Hog and Cattle Slats

  •  Various Sizes of Hog Slats
  • Cattle Slats
  • Rubber Mats for Slats
  • Single Slats
  • Solid Slab Panels
  • Concrete Beams
  • Straight Columns
  • Flared Bottom Columns

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  • Sea Walls
  • Divider Walls
  • Silage Bunker Walls
  • T-Walls
  • Guardrail

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Pond Decks and Beams


Miscellaneous Precast



Manholes & Catch Basins


Custom Precast

Over the years, we have made several pieces of custom precast ranging from septic tank lids to higher profile public projects.  Call us and we may have a solution for your project.

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